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Six Most Expensive Face Masks

The face mask is a symbol of self-care.

It’s the image of a woman laying in a bubble bath with a messy bun, a glass of wine, and candles in the background. And, of course, she’s wearing a face mask.

When teenage girls are having slumber parties or “he-cheated-on-me-but-I’m-glad-cause-I-was-too-good-for-him-anyway” parties, what are they almost always wearing?

Face masks!

From peel-off masks to clay masks, from paper sheet masks to gel masks, from even charcoal masks to removable LD plastic masks, face masks have been a symbol of self-care and luxury since the early 20th century.

Believed to give you younger looking, poreless, and brighter skin, face masks can range on the market from costing you a few dollars to making you miss your rent payment that month.

Here are the Top Six most expensive hair masks!

UMO 24-Carat Gold Facial – $600


Grand Luxe Facial – $750


L.Raphael Oxy Star Facial – $1,600


HD Diamon & Ruby Scrub – $7,000


Vampire Facial – $1,5oo


Bee Venom Facial – $55,200


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