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10 Pro Hacks for Recycling Makeup

Who doesn’t enjoy a good makeup hack?

They help you to save money (don’t we all need a little extra $$$ in our lives?), they help you to customize your makeup to your liking, and they help your creativity run wild.

Easy and fun and great for emergencies, there are some makeup hacks that every woman needs to know.

Cause, come on, not everyone can afford to buy mascara everytime your wand dries out!

That stuff’s expensive…



  • Makeup Hack #1: If your mascara is dried out and crusty, place the CLOSED mascara in a cup or bowl of warm/hot water. Allow for it to sit there for a few minutes before using.
  • Makeup Hack #2: When you’re finished with your mascara, clean off the mascara wind with warm water and a little bit of soap until all the mascara is cleaned off. Use the wand as a mascara brush.
  • Makeup Hack #3: To make a pencil eyeliner into a gel eyeliner, heat the tip of the pencil with a lighter until the charcoal is slightly glistening. Let cool for about 10-20 seconds before applying.



  • Makeup Hack #1: Mix an old and dried out lipstick with petrolium jelly over light heat (you can use the spoon method) to make a tinted lip balm. You can also use coconut oil as a replacement for the petrolium jelly.
  • Makeup Hack #2: To get lipgloss that is stuck to the side of the tube, place the CLOSED lipgloss in a cup or bowl of warm water. Allow to sit for a few minutes or until the lipgloss runs to the bottom.
  • Makeup Hack #3: Create your own lipgloss shade by melting together two or three lipglosses. To store your new shade, pour the lipgloss into an empty lipbalm cannister.



  • Makeup Hack #1: Mix foundation (powder or liquid) with moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer. For an added touch, add a TINY pitch of highlighting powder for a little shimmer.
  • Makeup Hack #2: Add a few drops of your perfume into an UNSCENTED moisturizer. This will keep your skin smooth and smelling lovely. It also helps the perfume scent to last longer.
  • Makeup Hack #3: Pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol onto dry and cracked press powder (powder foundation, bronzer, powder highlighter), mix until it forms a paste and allow it to sit/settle overnight.


  • Makeup Hack #1: Mix together a clear top coat of nail polish with a sparkly eyeshadow to make your own nail polish shade. For best results, use the pigmented loose powder eyeshadows.


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