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Dating Through the Ages….Literally

Everyone has different experiences when it comes to dating.

Dating in your twenties is not the same as dating in your thirties and dating in your thirties is not the same as dating in your forties and so on and so on.

Perhaps you were the kind of person who relied on your gut instinct when it came to dating. Perhaps you were the kind of person who replied on magazines and blogs to guide you on what to do. Or, perhaps you were like me and looked to your older sister and her friends for guidance.

Either way, dating is something that’s individualistic and changes throughout your years.

Here are some views on dating throughout the decades from real people (courtesy of Reddit).

Dating in your Teens


“Well… I only dated one girl in my teens and we got married at 19 then divorced at 26. Since then though dating has been an adventure of sorts.” – Circlesmirk

“Dating in the teens is awkward and basically just a process of failing over and over again, getting up and dusting yourself off.” – 53791263

“My teens – didn’t date. Was a huge dork. I imagine it being a lot of hormones, emotions, and awkwardness, highs and lows.” – Coach Tough Love

Dating in you 20s


“My 20’s – College parties, wild nights of seduction, emotional growing pains, Deep love and deep loss.” – Coach Tough Love

“Dating in your 20’s is a hot mess. People aren’t sure what they want. Some people are on a mission from god to repopulate the earth with offspring and get married right away.” – 53791263

“In my late 20s it was mostly about trying to avoid loneliness. I latched onto anyone who showed interest in me and glossed over all of the red flags or reasons why it wouldn’t work. Relationships lasted for too long, caused too much hurt and pain, because they weren’t based on anything more than attraction to begin with.” – Circlesmirk

Dating in your 30s


“Dating in my 30’s was one big act.of desperation….everyone I dated was auditioning for the role of husband (whether he knew it or not), which ended in me getting married at 40 and divorced at 43.” – MakeMineMalibu

“Now in my mid 30s dating is easier than it’s ever been. I have more going on in my life, I’m more confident… I have more options than ever before, and I’ve learned to actually approach dating from the point of trying to actually find the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with rather than just finding a pretty one who would be willing to be with me.” – Circlesmirk

“Dating in the 30’s is by far the best! You are in your physical peak, you look great (assuming you’ve been hitting the gym for years) and can play the game well without hurting people. You have a good career and can take dates to cool places and travel. People know what they want and dating is efficient and fun. Sex is incredible, open, honest and passionate.” – 53791263

“My 30’s – Getting better with age, controlling emotions better, being a better man and mate.” – CoachToughLove

Point is, keep learning and improving!




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