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Healthy Lattes

Can a latte ever really be considered healthy or, dare I say it, a health food?

It’s just a cup of steaming milk with some added goodness (aka, espresso).

And, in today’s world, haven’t we been told that dairy isn’t the best for us and that we should lay off the caffeine? A few members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan have claimed that cutting out dairy is what helped them to drop a few sizes. And more and more people are considering caffeine to be a form of a drug: causes addiction, raises your tolerance, your body experience withdrawals when cut off.

But some people – those brave souls – have tried to make lattes into a health food.

And here are some we just can’t wait to try.

Charcoal Latte


Charcoal is on a roll right now. People are taking supplements of charcoal in order to aide digestion. People are drinking charcoal water in order to decrease bloating. People are even drinking smoothies of the stuff (thanks, Juice Generation) for its benefits. But what about the health benefits of a charcoal latte? According to fans of the trendy drink, charcoal lattes are the ‘perfect’ digestive cleansers (which kind of make sense from the benefits of charcoal tablets)  and have anti-inflammatory effects. Just be sure your teeth don’t turn black!

Turmeric Latte (aka, Golden Milk)


Made famous by Gwyneth Paltrow, who raved about it on her health and wellness website, “Goop”, turmeric lattes are made with the base ingredients of: turmeric, ginger, coconut oil, and honey. And with these ingredients, it’s no wonder the golden drink got the rep of a ‘super drink’. Turmeric is great for protecting the body against toxins. Ginger is great for aiding digestion and detoxifying the body. Honey is great for its antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. Coconut oil is great for, well, everything!

Matcha Latte


There are two kinds of matcha lattes. There’s the kind that makes you think you’re drinking white hot chocolate – the sweetened – and the kind that makes you take small sips and ‘savor’ the taste – the unsweetened. In order to get all of the health benefits, you’re going to have to drink the unsweetened version of this latte. Not only is matcha a stronger version of green tea – and we all know the benefits of green tea – but matcha contains an extremely high amount of polyphenols, which are plant antioxidants that help to protect the cells of the body.

Chai Tea Latte


I’m not talking about the overly sweet ones that you find in Starbucks – you know the ones with a pound of sugar in each cup. I’m talking about the unsweetened chai tea lattes that you make at home. That being said, chai tea lattes have potential to being healthy. According to the Tea Association of the United States of America, chai tea contains high amounts of flavonoids, which neutralize free radicals, thus decreasing the chances of heart attack, high cholesterol, and tooth decay.

Final Verdict: There’s no denying that all of these lattes have a health benefit in one form or another. However, like most things in life, it’s about moderation and we at Cannizzo Clutch advise you to drink these in moderation.

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