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Pros & Cons of Silicone Beauty Blender

Every week, there seems to be another ‘revolutionary’ and ‘game changing’ beauty product or tip.

The year of 2016 alone brought about the contour stick, spray-on nail polish, at-home gel polish (that actually works!), color correcting contour palettes and, who can forget the Kylie Jenner lip kits.

Now, in 2017, there’s another beauty tool making waves of the internet, aka, the YouTube and Beauty Bloggers.

The Silicone Beauty Blender.

Made entirely from silicone (obviously!) the silicone beauty blender promises to be a game-changer in the act of applying foundation, boasting that it’s even better than the traditional beauty blender. Oh, and it also looks like a clear rock…


But I’m a pros and cons kind of gal, so let us get to it!


  1. Easy to clean. (Because of its smooth texture, all you need to do is rinse the silicone beauty blender with warm water after using it. BUT, be sure to use lukewarm water. You don’t want to have the water too hot and warp the silicone.)
  2. Use the SBB in multiple ways. (Because it’s easy to clean, you can effortlessly switch from applying foundation to applying highlighting to applying bronzer without having to change your SBB. As a girl with multiple traditional beauty blenders – one for each liquid – this is a godsend)
  3. It’s hygienic. (Unlike the traditional beauty blender, the SBB doesn’t have the small pores and fabric like texture, therefore, it’s much harder for germs and bacteria to grow on it. Remeber! Those germs cause breakout!)
  4. Gives you a poreless finish. (According to some beauty bloggers, using the SBB will leave your face with an ALMOST poreless appearance. And who doesn’t want that?)
  5. It’s not wasteful. (Unlike the traditional beauty blenders, most of your makeup will not be absorbed into the SBB. Actually….your makeup won’t be absorbed, at all! Thanks, thermoplastic polyurethane, aka, the oil and grease resistant layer that surrounds the SBB)

Now for the bad stuff…



  1. It ain’t THAT cheap. (Unlike the traditional beauty blenders, which usually sell for around $10-$15, it’s common for an SBB to sell for twice that amount)
  2. Hard to find. (The SBB is pretty hard to find. Not only did the online store that was selling them sell-out of the SBB more than FIVE TIMES IN A SPAN OF A MONTH, but it’s even hard to find an SBB on Sephora’s website.)
  3. It can be tricky. (For those of you who are used to traditional beauty blenders – “raises hand” – it can be tricky to transition to an SBB. The application is completely different and the texture feels different. So it will take some getting used to.)
  4. There are mixed reviews. (While the majority of beauty gurus are raving about the SBB, there are still some people who are giving it negative reviews. And, perhaps it’s the cynic in me, but I always tend to believe the negative reviews over the positive ones. There is such a thing as sponsoring now…)

All in all, the silicone beauty blender seems like something that I – and hopefully all of you – would be willing to try, at least once.

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