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One Two Magnetic Lashes

I hate false lashes.

Okay…let me revise that.

I LOVE false lashes. I HATE applying them.

You see, false lashes and I have always had a love-hate relationship. We’re frenemies. I’ve loved the look of false lashes ever since I saw Lady Gaga’s music video, Poker Face, and she had on these thick, almost fan-like, falsies. However, false lashes have hated me since that tragic day in ’09 when they ripped out all of my lashes when I used WAY too much glue.

Ok, that was a little bit of an exaggeration, but they still ripped out a good amount and it was a traumatic experience for a fifteen-year-old!

And so, I haven’t worn false lashes since that tragic day, alway fearing that my poor lashes would pay the price.

I was forever doomed to be that beauty blogger on the outside looking in, coveting those who could wear false lashes, aka had the ability to apply them…

But no more!

The cosmetic brand, One Two, has released an item called the ‘One Two Lash’, which are magnetic false lashes. I know, let that sink in for a second or two. Magnetic false lashes. False lashes with magnets.

Photo: PopSugar
Now how does it work? Well, for each set of (real) eyelashes, you have two rows of false lashes. These false lashes contain a very thin magnetic bar on the bottom on them. To apply, you place one false lash on top of your real eyelashes and one false lash under your real eyelashes, slightly pressing them together until the two false lashes connect with each other. No glue needed!

And clean up is super easy! Just gently separate the two false lashes and voilà, your real lashes free are without any of that sticky lash glue residue, which I know is a pain to clean up.

These lashes have received Allure’s Best of Beauty Award and have been mentioned in fashion magazines, such as Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Bustle.

I can promise you one thing about these lashes. I can promise that my beauty closet will be stocked with One Two Lashes.

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