Recreated Desserts: French Toast Editon

The irony of this post, or the title of it for that matter, is not lost on me!

While French toast is a breakfast food and, therefore, traditionally served as our first meal of the day (and thank god, cause I love some french toast in the morning!), dessert is – USUALLY – our last meal of the day.

Unless you’re like my mother during my childhood, who believed that dessert should only be eaten on special occasions, then, WHAT-EV…

But there will be not anti-dessert readers here – cause there will certainly be no anti-dessert writers – as we find out the best desserts to recreate into French toast.

However, this leads to the question…If french toast is created in the likeness of a dessert, does that still make it french toast?

Simple Answer: Yes, it is still French toast.

Not-so-Simple Answer: The first French toast recipe was discovered in the Apicius – a Roman cookbook from late 4th – early 5th century – and was described as a sweet bread dish that was ‘soaked in a liquid’, also known as a ‘sop’, and cooked. Therefore, French toast can technically be used to describe any kind of bread that is dipped in liquid and cooked. Oh, and french toast isn’t even French, but ancient Roman.

Now let us get those Pain Perdu ( See how I just threw in that French word? ) recipes and quo our mouth watering.










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