Best Apps to Meet New People

Meeting new people is not easy.

There, I said it.

For many of us – especially introverts, such as myself, who would rather jump through a ring of fire and blades than talk to a complete stranger – meeting new people is a very daunting experience in life.

Life isn’t like those cheesy rom-com movies or *cough* Sex and the City *cough* where the woman can just sit at a bar, look a little lonely, and a man will approach her. Oh? And did I mention the man will be handsome, smart, laid back – but not too laid back – funny – but knows when to be serious – kind and a great listener.

Yeah, let’s put away that unicorn now while it can still be made into a cupcake.

But the point is this…meeting new people is HARD.

So, like most people out there, I’ve come to realize that apps are a great choice for meeting new people.

Best Dating Apps For College Students

  • Friendsy

This app is ideal for college students because, in order to create an account, you must have a .edu email account. Like Tinder, the process of section works by the user swiping the images of people: Left is No and Right is Yes. You can also filter searches by class year and major.

  • HowAboutWe

Unlike the usual back-and-forth chatting that goes on in other dating/meetup apps, this app is all about offline dating. I know, sounds ironic, but keep reading. This app allows for a user to write a plan that they wish to do and helps to choose the best person for that said person to do it with. So…the app is actually kind of like a planner/wish list.

Best Dating Apps For Vegetarians/Vegans

  • Veg

Working off the Tinder-style of swipe left and swipe right (You can tell they swiping thing is pretty popular, aye?) Veg allows for vegans to meet/date fellow vegans. The app is free and allows for users to message each other – only if they both swipe right – and share pictures. For more information on the Veg, check out —-> VegNews 

  • Grazer

Dubbing themselves the “Herbivorous Dating App”, Grazer is a great dating app that allows for both vegans and vegetarians to connect with one another. With Grazer, you are able to meet like-minded herbivores who are in your area and share other common interests. Oh, and it’s Tinder-style.

Best Dating Apps For The LGBT Community

  • Thurst

This dating app is not only a great way for people of the LGBT community, but it’s a safer option than most other dating apps out there. According to Thurst’s Co-Founder Morgen Bromell, “We were talking about our various experiences on Tinder and realizing there wasn’t actually a space to exist and feel completely comfortable, and safe to interact with people and try to date at all.” And thus, Thurst was created.

  • Hornet

With over 10 million LGBT members, Hornet is the second largest dating app currently on the market. They have numerous high star ratings – all 4 Star ratings or higher. And to make dating even easier, the site has a user-friendly desktop version, making it easier to chat with fellow LGBT members while you’re, I don’t know, bored at work…

Best Dating Apps For People Over 30

  • Elite Singles

While apps were once seen as being a ‘young thing’ – Okay, most of them still are. Ask my dad – Elite Singles is an ideal dating app for the older generation. It’s also great for people who value education. More than 80% of members have earned either a bachelor’s, masters or doctorate degree. More than 90% are over 30.


Having launched in April of ’17, has proven to be a popular dating app for seniors who are looking for platonic relationships. The age group for this dating app is 50 and over, with most of the members being in their mid to upper 60s.

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