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Breakfast on the Grill

With the temperature hotter than the devil’s you know what and the Fourth of July on the horizon, it’s time to break out that grill from the backyard shed and start grilling up your favorite foods.

Go on and blow the dust off your grill…I can wait.

However, when it comes to grilling or bbq-ing, most people are set in their ways of what ‘should’ be grilled. 

Hot dogs and hamburgers: Grill

French Toast: Don’t Grill

Lunch and Dinner: Grill

Breakfast: Don’t Grill

You get the picture?

But here’s the knocker on the head. Grilling can be a technique done for NEARLY any type of food – aka, don’t try to grill pasta on the grill and then message me about how grilling doesn’t work for EVERYTHING when your pasta falls through the grate and gets eaten by the fire – and every type of meal. Lunch, dinner, dessert, breakfast, you name it.

Lunch, dinner, dessert, breakfast. You name it!

But today is all about grilling up some breakfast, so check out some of these great and yummy breakfast recipes you can make on the grill.





BANANA-maui-grilled-bagel 22


grilled-donut-600 (1)




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