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6 Ways To Use Oats (That Aren’t Oatmeal)

In life, there are two types of childhoods: The childhood where your parents gave you those sugary cereals for breakfast (aka, the cool parents) and the childhood where your parents made you eat oatmeal every morning because it was good for you.

Can you guess which childhood I experienced?

That’s right, I survived the childhood where oatmeal was king at our breakfast table. Sure, once in a blue moon my siblings and I would luck out and have some eggs and bacon, but mostly our breakfast was oatmeal. 

And we didn’t have any of that ‘fancy’ oatmeal (god, that made me sound old. I’m not. My mom was just a less than enthusiastic cook…). Anyway! Our oatmeal consisted of oats (surprise!) and water. If we were lucky, we would get a sprinkle of cinnamon or a drop of cream. Like I said, my mother wasn’t the best cook and we were lucky if the oats were cooked all the way through and weren’t crunchy. 

P.S, My mother is a world class chef compared to her mother. Just let that sink in for a minute…

As I grew older and grew a better set of taste buds, I learned that there is more to oats than just watered down and crunchy oatmeal.

Not only are oats incredibly healthy for you – hello? fiber galore – but there are extremely versatile to work with. Oh, and they taste delicious when made the right way.

So here are some of my favorite breakfast recipes using oats. Hope you guys enjoy and be sure to check out the following websites!







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